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As a school we have been determined and confident in developing our practice over the past few years, building on a secure judgement of Good from Ofsted in 2015.

Part of this development has been exploring, researching and debating what ‘better than Good’ means for us, our pupils and our school. We have read and taken into account the Ofsted criteria, but have not wanted to be bound to their framework.

As staff and pupils we defined our aim to grow as an ‘Inspirational Learning Community’ as:

  • Together, igniting a love of learning
  • Encouraging and empowering partnerships
  • Nurturing a Growth Mindset

This year as staff we have defined what we think ‘Inspirational Teaching and Learning’ is:

  • Irresistible, challenging and promotes choice
  • Empowers all to be the best they can be
  • Collaborative, encourages curiosity and self-discovery, and transforms lives

We have now moved a step further and have drafted definitions for what we as a school think defines Inspirational:

  • Leadership
  • Curriculum & Assessment
  • Behaviours
  • Outcomes

Inspirational Cornerstone

Over the coming terms, as we continue to develop as a school and grow professionally, our plan is to agree, review and refine these definitions, whilst also exemplifying our practice with examples. This will involve all members of both teaching and support staff, so that the whole staff develop a shared understanding about ‘Inspirational’ and that we spend some thought and time celebrating the successes.

Below are summaries we have collated so far:

Inspirational Teaching and Learning Spring 2018

Inspirational Teaching and Learning Summer 18

Inspirational Behaviours Autumn 2018



Comments on: "Defining & developing ‘Inspirational’" (1)

  1. Hi Tim.
    Think you’re developing an aspirational mindset, with very clear intentions for every participant. I will be very interested to see this enacted, to amplify the learning and teaching that derives from the intention. Extracting the essence of inspirational will be a key feature /criterion that can be held up against every action. A case of processes and products; how did we get here, where next?
    Good luck,

    Liked by 1 person

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