Educational leadership & learning

Dare to be different

Inspire, Ignite, Imagine.

Will Ryan ( led an entertaining and enlightening session on creative teaching and learning and how leaders can inspire by daring being to be different.

“Failure is never so frightening as regret”

“Never doubt the capacity of a small group of people to change the world.”

Given a choice between changing and proving that the change is not necessary, most people get busy with the proof.

This needs a leader: someone to inspire.


Ofsted Inspector: why might “Different Dufus school” (Dr Seuss) be outstanding?

  • creativity and enthusiasm of teachers makes learning memorable and standards are high
  • balance of pedagogy: discovery and direct instruction
  • headteacher had a vision and was brave and allowed innovative practice and trusted teachers to give them freedom
  • generating new innovative ideas provides an interesting and inspiring curriculum
  • strong relationships so the pupils feel proud of their school and have a sense of belonging
  • positive attitude and expectations
  • Celebrates individuality
  • It stands out, it has something special

How does a leader walk?

  • determined and purposeful
  • with a wobble but never quite falling over
  • in circles
  • the extra mile for others
  • with a creative unique bounce in their step
  • forwards, not always quickly, but always forwards
  • being only you
  • at the front, at the middle, at the back (at different times)

The more they dare to be different the more moments of self-doubt a leader will have.

The 3 generational lesson: children can’t wait to tell their parents when they get home, as parents later in life they will recall the lesson with their own children.

  • Generating visual images
  • Generating language that brings the lesson to life

Think of the best thing that has happened in your classroom that week before you walk out at the end of the week. Record it in a lovely book, a diary of why I am a special teacher.

School leadership

Too many schools have been managed not led.

External frameworks have been forced upon schools. (Outside – in model).

Never set off on a journey without an idea of where you aim to be going.

Leaders need to take time to pause the clock and think.

Leaders cannot do it on their own: they need to deploy others.

Good leaders are almost always great simplifiers. Make every word count.

Constantly communicate what you believe. Inspiring people with your vision. (Invisible leadership).

Communicating the Dream: The Art of Invisible Leadership

Empathetic, Perceptive, Inclusive, Inspirational, Purposeful, Integrity, Forgiveness, Moral purpose.




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