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Maths Learn Its

In seeking a balance between quick recall and more in depth understanding we are developing a range of Maths ‘Learn Its’ posters. The aim is that each week within class one is focused on during a 5-10 minute slot or two during registration. It is also that they are shared with parents each term or half-term as ongoing practical maths Home Learning (that don’t require work coming in to teachers to be marked, but give parents guidance on how they might encourage their children to think and talk about maths in the world around them).

We are completing the ‘Learn Its’ for each term for Y1-Y5 as we go through this academic year, and are very happy for other schools to use, adapt, improve or ignore them. If any colleagues have any suggestions, improvements, or similar sheets / posters we would very much appreciate having a look at them.



YR Summer Learn Its





Y1 Spring 2 Learn Its

Y1 Summer 1 Learn Its





Y2 Summer Learn Its




Y3 Summer Learn Its




Y4 Summer Learn Its


Y5 Autumn Learn Its

Y5 Spring Learn Its






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  1. […] we have a series of “Maths Learn Its” that go home each term (these can be viewed at Maths Learn Its or on the Numeracy Shed, thank you @grahamandre). Within school we have ‘Regular […]


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