Educational leadership & learning

As part of our school’s development of both our understanding and professional practice of ‘Mastery‘ of the curriculum for all and ‘Deepening‘ or ‘Enriching‘ of learning for our ‘Higher Attainers / Deeper Learners’, we have been creating SOLO Learning Journeys to accompany each domain the Maths National Curriculum.

However to ensure we are sufficiently challenging our ‘Higher Attainers / Deeper Learners’ we are drafting an overview for using SOLO across the curriculum and within individual lessons. The first draft is attached below. It includes: our school’s definitions for ‘Mastery’ and ‘Higher Attainers / Deeper Learners’; how our school’s Learning Values fit within the structure; and the type of Learning Behaviours would should plan to provide for and expect to observe in our learners.

We would be interested for any thoughts or feedback from other colleagues on similar journeys. Many thanks.





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