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Management of Safeguarding

In our recent Full Governing Body meeting, the governors discussed the second section of the new version of “Keeping Children Safe in Education” which details their responsibilities re. The Management of Safeguarding.

During our most recent Ofsted (May 2015) the Inspector noted that “the school has robust and effective systems to ensure pupils are kept safe.” However we all know this is a crucial part of our role, and our governors are effective at challenging the practice and policies of the school, in a drive to keep improving our Safeguarding procedures.

As part of this we have designed a document which gives an overview of the responsibilities laid out in The Management of Safeguarding. It highlights actions and questions for the governors to undertake / ask during meetings and during visits to our school. Our aim is to have even greater robust conversations, and thorough evidence of the great work of our governors working in partnership with us for the benefit of the children.

It is attached below as a Word document. Please feel free to amend, use, ignore as you wish. If you have any suggestions for improvements, or other similar documentation we would be grateful to see a copy.



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