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I have kindly been invited by Martyn Reah (@MartynReah) to speak at the #PedagooHampshire16 on Saturday 17 September at Eggars School in Alton. The focus for the day in on the #teacher5aday and staff wellbeing.

In this session I will be sharing how as a new and growing school we have tried to find our collective WHY, for doing what we do and our motivation for coming in every day.

  • I share and discuss my principles as HT
  • The whole school community have been involved in debating and choosing our school Values
  • Staff have collectively created the Teaching for Learning policy, including the principles and aims
  • As part of this policy they have also selected 7 Learning Values we will try to encourage our pupils to develop before they leave us in Year 6
  • The staff and pupils have also collectively defined ourselves as an ‘Inspirational Learning Community’

We know we haven’t got everything right. We know there is plenty more to do. But we hope that with a focus on: Values, vision, ethos and wellbeing we will be able to confidently enjoy the coming terms and years of our shared journey.

The presentation that I am going to use to keep myself on subject is attached below if you would care to read it:

Developing shared Values & Purpose

For information about this wonderful day, including details on other presenters, please click on the following link:





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