Educational leadership & learning

Following the publication of the Teacher Professional Development Standards recently, which highlight the significance of high quality development and an increasing range of opinion/evidence about the importance of developing schools’ culture as learning communities: it seems a good time to share our Y1-Y3 pupils views on what makes an ‘Inspirational Learning Community’ Which is what we are trying to grow in partnership with them.


  •  Working together / team work
  •  The whole school coming together
  •  Being kind and caring towards each other
  •  Celebrating other people’s achievements
  •  Lots of people working together to create something
  •  Working together for others
  •  A bunch of people joining together for a bigger goal

Learning Community

  •  Growing your minds together
  •  Helping each other learn
  •  Being kind, caring and loving towards other learners
  •  Learning together and learning more from others
  •  Joining a group helps you learn


  •  People who lead others into an interesting life
  •  People who encourage you
  •  People who don’t give up – they persevere
  •  Learning from your mistakes
  •  Using or magpie-ing others ideas
  •  Someone else makes you want to have a go / try something
  •  Others help you get better
  •  Like dominoes – it spreads
  •  You look up someone and want to be like them
  •  You’re trying and you can try a bit harder – then you get better

How do we learn and improve together at Cornerstone?

  •  You have to listen to people to learn / improve
  •  By helping each other
  •  If you learn you can get better
  •  By doing and thinking
  •  By learning outside
  •  Show people and then let them have a go
  •  By joining in
  •  You have to make mistakes to improve
  •  By playing new games
  •  By talking to others
  •  By practising


  •  My friend is really good at number bonds – I’m trying harder to get better like them
  •  Someone getting a Blue Peter badge has inspired me to want to help others more
  •  I watched a friend dancing and then I practiced the new moves
  •  A friend was reading me a story really well which made me want to learn to read
  •  A friend inspired me to have a go at doing flips over the bar on the Trim Trail. It looked quite hard, but she kept encouraging me and now I’m getting quite good at it.

Taking on board both the pupils’ and staff’s ideas, our final (for now) definition of an

‘Inspirational Learning Community’ is:

Together, igniting a love of learning

Encouraging and empowering partnerships

Nurturing a Growth Mindset



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