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Coaching Learning Study

Having used a Research Lesson Study approach previously, as well as a slimmed down ‘mini version’. Then having had the opportunity to work with an experienced and highly knowledgeable Local Authority advisor on a coaching format that involved pre and post conversations. My senior leader and I have developed a draft “Coaching Learning Study” format (which is a combination of the two) which we plan to trial next year in peer groups of three.

  1. The process starts with a pre-lesson conversation, with the teacher choosing a few elements (from the suggestions) to discuss, and colleagues asking questions in a supportive and collaborative approach.
  2. The lesson involves the observers watching and listening to groups of learners. At times they will also film a few groups.
  3. After the lesson there is a post-lesson conversation to celebrate successes and to discuss a question or point for consideration. The aim is to move everyone on in their professional thinking.

The terminology we have used and the elements we have focused on are specific to our school. However we would appreciate any feedback or thoughts, and if you are interested in trialling it as well, please feel free to adapt and use if how you wish.

Coaching Learning Study master




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