Educational leadership & learning

So I’m starting to plan ahead for our INSET day on the first day of next academic year.

Questions I am going to ask staff to consider and discuss include:

  • What do you want to achieve this year? For yourself? For the pupils? For the school?
  • What difference do you want to have made by July?
  • What aspects of your role are the most valuable? Have the greatest impact? The best investment of your time, thinking, energy?
  • What tasks could you do in a minimal amount of time?
  • What could you stop doing this year?

I am then going to ask staff to go on a Photo Mission. To take 4 photos reflecting on last year.

  1. A positive about the pupils’ wellbeing
  2. A positive about the pupils’ learning
  3. A positive for the member of staff personally
  4. A photo that shows the aim for this year

We will then ask staff to share and discuss their photos. The photos for 1-3 will then be displayed on the board outside the staffroom, to remind and hopefully inspire us all of the importance and value of the work we do with our pupils and each other on a daily basis.

Staff will be asked to display the 4th photo somewhere in their room (even if it’s inside a cupboard) so they can see it when they want to.

Do you have any thoughts about this plan? Any alternative questions or Photo Missions to suggest?


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