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Maths Info Evening

This coming week I will be leading a Maths Information Evening for parents. I’m ‘counting’ on a reasonable attendance and interest.

Currently in our primary school we have YR-Y3 pupils, so only our Y3s are starting the column methods for addition and subtraction, and we will not have to concern ourselves with Y6 SATs for another 3 years. (Yes we know how fortunate we are).

Much of what I will first discuss will be the changes to the National Curriculum and the approach to teaching and learning in maths. I will share some quotes re. a mastery approach and the try to explain the importance of Concrete learning with practical resources and Pictorial learning to develop conceptual understanding and ability to explain thinking and reasoning prior to embarking on Abstract working (particularly the formal methods, which is what many parents remember most from their own school experience).

I will then share our draft progressions for the four operations, demonstrating examples of the different resources, pictorial representations and methods before asking parents to have a go as well. Yes I’m aiming for active, participatory learning.

An enormous thank you goes out to Alyson Gibbons (@Alyson_gibbons ) and other colleagues from Whiteley Primary School in Hampshire who very generously shared their Calculation Progressions for us to adapt.

The powerpoint I will be using for my presentation is below. If it is of use to anyone please feel free to use, adapt or ignore as you wish.

Maths Information evening


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