Educational leadership & learning

Leadership Key Priorities

As the headteacher of a new and small school, days and weeks can fly by feeling very full and busy. However on reflection they are not always filled with a controlled focus on the key priorities. These other tasks are usually important and valuable, but they can distract my attention from the key strategic priorities which should be the centre of my focus and impact.

To try and force myself to say no more often and to make wiser in the moment decisions about how I use my time strategically, I have compiled a Top Ten Key Priority list, which I will display in my office this half-term. It is not earth shattering, or amazingly perceptive, but will it give me clearer focus? Will it make a difference?

I have split the list into two priority groups: 6 that are most crucial and 4 that are just crucial.

  1. DSL (CPLO): Safeguarding has to be the top priority at all times. Any issues automatically take precedence over any other tasks
  2. Strategic Development: planning, reviewing, refining, constantly looking a few steps forward
  3. Self-evaluation: evaluating the ongoing impact of actions and whole school provision
  4. Teaching & Learning: ensuring consistently high standards, a coaching and learning culture
  5. Data and progress: measuring and analysing, focusing on pupil outcomes
  6. Health & Safety: ensuring processes, systems and the full site are safe and people’s wellbeing is supported

7.  Curriculum & Assessment: what is being taught, how and how we are assessing learning effectively

8.Monitoring: lessons, pupils work, learning environments, planning, pupils’ views, staff’s views…

9. Behaviour: appropriate behaviour from pupils and adults that align with our Values and policies

10. CPD: investing in staff, to enable them to continue to grow as motivated and empowered professionals

So this half-term, anything outside of this list will be left until time is available. We’ll see how it goes…


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