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Top 5 posts 2015

This is my second year writing on this blog, a year in which my readership has increased four fold (which is obviously very heartening). What has been really pleasing is the contacts I have made and the feedback I have been given about the ideas I’ve shared (mainly through Twitter: @tim_jumpclarke). Below are the 5 most popular blogs from 2015.

  1. Updated Assessment Journeys Nov 15

This post shares the rationale behind the system our school are using to track and evaluate the learning journey of our pupils in the primary phase.

2. Big Ideas in Primary Maths

This was written following some fantastic and fascinating training by Mike Askew (@mikeaskew26). It has certainly helped us as staff move forward in our thinking about maths learning in the light of the new National Curriculum.

3. #teacher5adaycalendar

An alternative advent calendar to support staff wellbeing and generosity towards others. Developed from the original initiative by @MartynReah and with support from @rondelle10_b and @LesleyMunro4.

4. New Assessment?

Some thoughts following a conversation and subsequent training session with Eric Halton (Hampshire’s lead for Assessment). It also has links to excellent blogs by @MichaelT1979 and @LeadingLearner.

5. Growing the Mindset

This post is a summary of the work we have done @cornerstonecofe to develop a Growth Mindset approach from staff and pupils. It includes our definition of Growth Mindset as a school, what we have actually done with the pupils and the impact we have seen.

Thank to everyone who has read or commented on any of my blogs during 2015. I’m looking forward to learning, growing and sharing more in 2016. Another exciting 12 months await us in the world of education.


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