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#teacher5aday 2016 pledge

#teacher5aday 2016 pledge


I could view last year either with my ‘glass is half full’ perspective or my glass is empty and drained perspective. Let’s go for the positives!

  • I have spent more dedicated quality time with my family (though probably not enough)
  • I kept up my morning exercise for over half the year (in blocks). I completed a 10K in a personal best, the Great South Run in a PB and completed the 48 mile sponsored walk with friends
  • I was doing very well with eating healthily (until mid November: last 6 weeks have been fairly dire)
  • I have attended different courses, Teachmeets and the wonderful #TLT15. (Extremely disappointed that I can’t attend #PrimaryRocksLive in March 2016 due to family commitments)
  • I have kept in contact with more friends via Facebook, Twitter, messaging… (though again probably not enough)
  • I have supported and promoted the #teacher5aday initiative when and where I can (wellbeing bags were very positive at work and #teacher5adaycalendar which I will happily make an annual event)




I re-read my 2015 pledge with interest. The context in which I work: first headship, new school, growing school, small staff, major educational changes nationally: all make it a challenge to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

This academic year I am trying to be more strategic with my time at work. We have developed the staff structure in a few ways so I am not trying to do everything I was in Autumn 2015. We have had, and ‘passed’ our Ofsted which has definitely helped my sleep and stress levels. We have employed some fantastic new staff, which is really helping more the school forward. I am still using my subsets within my to-do list:

  • Statutory and urgent
  • Statutory
  • Important and urgent
  • Important
  • Ideally should do
  • Would like to do
  • Dreams

However I still have times of being overwhelmed. Of us not developing as quickly or as strongly as I would like, nor us embedding the developments from last year as consistently as we need. I still have times when I don’t give enough time to my wife, family, friends or colleagues. I still get tired, stressed and grumpy.

So what should I realistically aim for in 2016…


January pledge for 2016

  1. I still aim to spend quality time with my family and cherish these moments. It may not be as often as I or they would like, but I will aim to make sure it is fun, positive quality time.
  2. I have booked my usual Eastleigh 10k for March and am trying my first half-marathon since I was 19 in April. The Great South Run is booked for November, but I might try to convince some friends to take part in a bike or walk challenge during the summer.
  3. Sleep patterns. I will aim to be in bed by 10 pm every night, not get up until 5.45 am and under no circumstances turn on my phone if I awake in the middle of the night to read emails, surf the net or scroll through Twitter.
  4. I will try to keep reminding myself of the positives of each day. The things I should be proud and pleased about, not the mistakes, issues and jobs not done.
  5. I will take time to listen and really think about what others say. But I will not try to appease every opinion about how our school is lead or I lead my life.



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