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December is nearly upon us.

Following on from the fantastic #teacher5aday initiative launched a couple of years ago by @MartynReah, I have been considering my childhood memories of opening an Advent calendar in the run up to December 25th. The daily door to be opened to find a chocolate treat!

This December, very excitingly, @Vivgrant has been in contact with me to share a fabulous idea through her Integrity Coaching website. Viv and her team are developing an plan to encourage a range of bloggers to share mini-blogs about how they maintain their own (or others) wellbeing. We have planned some cross overs between the two strands of this December reflection and sharing.




Given that #teacher5aday is about promoting staff wellbeing, and encouraging us to find time on a regular basis to look after ourselves and others, last year I created a set of wellbeing windows of opportunity for December. As November draws to a close I will be re-sharing these wellbeing suggestions again this year.

If you follow the hashtags #teacher5aday #wintercalendar (yes I have separated them this year following wise advice from @MartynReah  @TeacherToolkit and @Vivgrant) you will receive a daily reminder of a treat for yourself or others behind the door for the day. But if you are keen for some advance information, you can see below what lies in store if you choose to open the daily door…




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  1. To help look after others’ wellbeing, this is what I’ve done. After noticing that students at our YMCA LINC school did not have a cafeteria nor anywhere to heat up their lunch or sit during break, I decided to turn one corner of my classroom into the school’s ‘hospitality station.’ I converted two old multimedia carts by sewing vinyl covers for them. I went out and bought a water boiler, instant coffee, creamer, sugar, sweetener and the students’ favourite Al-Waza’ah tea. I put out a jar asking for 25 cents a cup so I could replenish supplies regularly. It’s been going for about three years now. Some teachers even visit my classroom at 8:58 to fill their coffee or tea mug before starting class. We also made it a rule that we can’t use disposable cups; we brought mugs from the thrift store and put our names on the bottom. We love Mother Earth and each other.


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