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A-list or Be-list?

I have been involved in a few discussions over the last month about “To do lists” and “To Be lists”. Is what you achieve and tasks you accomplish more important that the person you are? Or is being and becoming more significant for yourself and those around you? There has also been a lot of discussion about the importance of ‘character’ education, and that this needs to be developed and promoted alongside academic progress and learning.

On the A-list I would include.

Attainment: how far you have managed to travel on your own learning and development journey

Achievements and accomplishments: those things that make you proud of your hard work and endeavours.

Awards and accolades: public recognition of your successes from others.

Aims and aspirations: planning and motivation to achieve more and greater things.


On the B-list I would include.

Be authentic: be true to your beliefs and ideals.

Be appreciative: of those around you and the positives in your life.

Be better: whilst always trying to give of your best, trying to improve that best at all times to be even better.

Be caring: both to yourself and those around you / that you come into contact with.

Be courageous: take tough decisions at times to do what is right and be true to your principles.

Be determined: being resilient and having the drive to keep going.

Be empathetic: have understanding for the feelings of and challenges others face.

Be enthusiastic: cheerful, optimistic and energetic

Be fun: laugh, giggle, smile and be deliberately daft at times.

Be happy: smile and be positive.

Be helpful: help others and help yourself, collaborate and support.

Be honest: again to both yourself and others. Be true to yourself and someone others can trust.

Be intuitive: follow your heart and gut feeling.

Be kind: to yourself, those around you and those far away.

Undoubtedly I could go on. If you have any other suggestions for the A-list or Be-list please do leave a comment.


So should I be more A-list or Be-list focused as a person. I certainly try not to let be “To do list” monopolise my time and energy to such an extent that I  the sense of who I am and want to be as a person. However I also have aspirations and aims for the things I want to achieve.

As with so much else them I suppose it is finding a healthy balance without one element dominating the other to a negative extent. How will I manage this balance now and in the future? I guess will have to ‘see-list’!



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