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First just to be very clear. I am very early on in my journey to becoming an expert, indeed even competent Computing Subject Leader. I am not there: yet.

I’m leading a staff meeting about the new Computing curriculum this week and will be encouraging and supporting colleagues who have had a range of experiences and come with different levels of confidence, to try to broaden the range of resources they use. Whether this is on laptops or iPads, is unplugged or using other devices that we have in school.

Attached is my summary sheet, which I hope will give a few more avenues to trial and explore but without being too overwhelming. Currently we are only YR-Y3 as a new and growing school, so I am sure we will be adding to the KS2 range over the coming years.

Computing Resources

With thanks to @Baggiepr @penfoldno1 and @jonaudain, who as well as being very helpful have also been incredibly patient with my questions and lack of expertise / understanding at times. Also many thanks to the variety of talented colleagues online who have shared ideas, suggestions, curriculum overviews and progressions.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this continues to develop: both our range of teaching and the growth of learning experiences for our pupils.


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