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Marvellous minutes

A short post on the power of positive.

This year we have agreed to start our weekly Staff Development Meetings with a “Marvellous Minute” each.

We each share something we are proud of, that has gone well, has inspired us from the last 5 school days.

(As a small school with only 6 staff at the meeting this is easier to manage).

Tonight the “MMs” were:

  • A maths session which the pupils had choices over their methods, which they had all been able to access but had all experienced struggle and challenged themselves
  • The transition mornings for our new YR children, who have been keen and calm, and said goodbye to parents without a backward glance
  • An English session using the “Dangle” YouTube clip, which the pupils were engaged by and worked out the Learning Aim of the session for themselves
  • A Y3 boy who having said he had read a whole book in a short space of time, proved it with a series of answers to verbal questions and made the staff member reconsider her approach with him
  • A lively class of Y1 who have made great progress in tidying up after activities
  • The look of pride on a Y1 girl’s face as she belted out the National Anthem today

The meeting continued: discussing English and Feedback. The mood remained positive. Staff were collaborative, keen to find solutions and to explore possibilities. A productive and enjoyable meeting with colleagues.

I’m looking forward to hearing more Marvellous Minutes next week!


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