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I certainly don’t plan to let the Ofsted framework dictate everything we do / monitor / evaluate next academic year. The children, staff, Strategic Development Plan and the wider school community should be the driving forces for that focus.

However I have found it can be a useful tool to self-evaluate against (though there are other elements of self-evaluation as well). It helps clarify discussions re. self-evaluation with our Governing Body and Local Authority advisor.

This academic year our LA advisor kindly shared a format I could use for Self-Evaluation linked to the Ofsted framework. I have updated it for September 2015. I have copied the Outstanding and Good statements into each of the new sections, to allow for highlighting of descriptors that have been achieved and space for bullet point comments / evidence.

If this document is of any use to you, please feel free to use, adapt, share it as you see fit.

SEF evidence master


Comments on: "Self-evaluation September 2015" (1)

  1. luciebaking said:

    Thank you. I’m sure it will be helpful as I start to reorganise our SEF.


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