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Our school was visited by Ofsted last week. We had been expecting the call this academic year and so I had already prepared a one page document to share with staff to remind them of the key points to consider and remember in preparation for and over the course of the two days.

It contained nothing particularly original or insightful, but it ensured I was clear and succinct and it seemed to help staff stay calm, positive and focused. If this is of help to you, please feel free to use it.


Inspection: key messages for staff

Stay calm and positive.

Focus on the children – the days are still for them and their learning.

Know your pupils: latest data / progress this year / targets.

Know your PM objectives & be ready to discuss internal & external training.

Key documents: Strategic Development Plan priorities & 1 page SEF overview & Pupil Groups overview


  • Be pro-active: take pride in yours and the pupils’ achievements. Ask the Inspector to come and see / discuss with pupils
  • Be positive and open in conversations
  • They will not grade individual lessons – but insist on getting feedback and discuss the learning (sharing the context / pupils’ progress / your evaluation of the learning experience)
  • They will analyse in year data – particularly that of groups (see Groups Overview)


Their will engage in the following activities:

  • Observations: short and longer, whole class / groups, joint observation with HT (mainly to evaluate HT)
  • Analysis of work, books, displays…
  • Analysis of school records and documentation
  • Listen to readers 1 to 1 (particularly LA)
  • Staff questionnaire
  • Parentview
  • Lots and lots of discussions – with everyone


  • Please do all fill in a questionnaire – although it’s optional it gives a positive view of staff engagement (please be honest and positive)
  • They will be evaluating the quality of teaching of time and the impact on learners AND groups of learners
  • Discussions with pupils: attitudes towards learning / whether it is their usual standard and experience
  • Pupils behaviour in AND outside of lessons / classrooms and their positive relations with others
  • You do not need to provide lesson plans for the Inspectors

School will be locked at 7 pm at the latest and not open until 6 am.

Be proud & well rested.


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