Educational leadership & learning

Two actions I am going to take away from the presentation from Maureen Bowes (@pplintelligence) at the Hampshire Primary Headteacher Conference 2015 (#hantsprihtconf15) today.

1. We will start each staff development meeting with everyone sharing one story. It may be a highlight of their day, something hey are proud of from the week: as a positive reminder of our strengths as individuals and as a school. To focus on the real purpose and reasons why we work in schools, before embroiling ourselves in the complexity and issues.

2. We have had numerous discussions about the overarching Learning Values we want to promote with our pupils. Independence, positive attitude, perseverance, self-motivation, empowerment and embracing challenge. We will also consider each week how the examples shared (point 1) relate to these Values. Are we promoting the same values with ourselves? Are we learning and growing too?


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