Educational leadership & learning

As a relatively new school (we opened in September 2003) we have yet to finalise our Teaching for Learning policy. We are undertaking a range of internal and external research and professional debates to design a policy which encapsulates the principles, aims and actions we think best suit our pupils and our context.

One of the key groups we have researched with are of course the children themselves. Our Y1 and Y2 pupils have spent a half hour session a fortnight this term discussing learning:

How we learn?

When and where we learn?

Who helps us learn?

What they think are the most valuable things they learn?

All of these discussion were building towards the final question which was to ask the children what they think makes a great learner.

Being frank with the range of responses we got from these 5-7 year olds I think our policy writing work is basically done.

Apologies that this is in list form, but I hope you enjoy the range of ideas:

try your best                           don’t give up

keen                                       work hard

listen well                                practise

be patient                               ask for help

let others join in                     positive attitude

making mistakes                    reading

learn from others                   explain your learning

concentrate                            reflect

ask questions                        motivated

solves problems                     imaginative

tries hard things                     determined

take time                                enjoys

keeps learning                       search for clues

confident                                take risks

learn together                        use old learning

get excited                             practical

set challenges                       time to think

research                                play


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