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Music Progression

I have been working on a progression document with my staff for Primary Music. The aim is to give guidance to read alongside the new National Curriculum that will enable progression across the years. Staff are using this when they come to write their medium term overview for each term.

It is split into two main sections:

1. Progression in Dimensions of Learning

2. Progression in Learning Skills.

Please feel free to use or adapt. If you have any suggestions for developing it please do let me know.

Music Progression


Comments on: "Music Progression" (2)

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been struggling to work out the progression of skills for the new curriculum and have a guide for staff to use for planning. ( I am the Music coordinator) Could I just ask how you broke down the curriculum into skills? I have tried to search Government documents but have found nothing. The nearest I have found are Chris Quigley skills (old curriculum) I would be interested as I would like to present your chart as a way forward for our staff…and need to explain how skills were arrived at… It is so clear and easy to follow!!! Thanks again!


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