Educational leadership & learning


I have spent time this summer reading and reflecting on leadership, which is particularly pertinent to me personally as I start my first permanent headship next week. At the conclusion of an eight month leadership development programme (Future Change Makers) in 2013 I produced an acrostic of my views of the key elements of effective leadership. I have redrafted this acrostic over the summer to take into account my developing ideas.

I am a fairly simple man who likes to have all the information about one thing on one sheet, as I find such summaries easier to understand and refer back to. People who know me know that I love words and have a tendency to use more than I might always need.

So when I use the single word LEADERSHIP, I also mean…



     LEARNERS and LEARNING the prime priority

     Lead Learner who Listens

     Learning from feedback and setbacks


     Empowering through trust

     Engaging with and valuing all and ‘we’

     Energetic, Ego-less and Enterprising


     Aspirational and Authentic

     Analytical and Accountable

     Appreciative and Apologise when wrong


     Driven by values

     Develop: teaching and learning, people and the organisation

     Dialogue, Dynamic, Determined and Delegation


     Enthusiastic, Evaluative and Emotionally intelligent

     Embracing challenge and complexity

     Encouraging debate


     Real vision and Respect

     Relationships and Resilience

     Regular Reflection and questioning using multiple References


     Solutions focused and Support and challenge

     Shared understandings and ownership with collective responsibility

     Sophisticated thinking, Self-belief and Smooth running Systems


     High expectations of self and others

     Honest and open

     Humble, Heart and Hope


     Integrity and Inspire others

     Innovative, Intuitive and Investing time and energy

     Internally focused and externally engaged


     PEOPLE, Positive, Passionate and Professional

     Partnerships, Persuasive and Prioritising

     Promoting collaborative learning culture and Personal growth


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