Educational leadership & learning

I have been working in primary schools for nearly 20 years now.

About half of that time has been spent in a variety of senior leadership roles.

I have learnt the importance of being very clear with colleagues, pupils and parents about the key principles that I hold true and strive to think and act by on a daily basis. Understandably they have been adapted and refined over time.

Currently I would summarise them as:

  • The active participation of children in all aspects of school life as equal partners
  • Exciting and engaging learning experiences for the children based in real and meaningful contexts which stimulate their curiosity
  • A positive, supportive and collaborative staff culture and in which we all view ourselves as learners who think creatively and critically, and contribute to make a happy, vibrant, reflective and successful school
  • A school community based on mutual respect, which values and promotes positive relationships and whilst working hard also benefits from a sense of enjoyment and fun

However they are not always very visually interesting for staff and pupils when I present them in this form. So with some help from some of my Y5 boys I have transformed them into the linked wordle

What are your views on these principles? Are there any you hold dear that are not included here?TC Key principles wordle


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